Music and Arts have been always part of Livio’s life: his grandfather Francesco played the mandolin and his grandfather Giovanni used to play the violin during his magic shows and eclectic performances. He grew up in Sicily surrounded by his mother, grandmother and all the family who taught him to love music and singing. In his … Continua a leggere About


Singer, keyboardist, harpist, musicologist and artistic director, Livio Ticli embodies the Renaissance perfetto Musico who can play, sing, dance and act. He has been performing in Europe for over a decade and designing music programmes that bring research on unknown music sources to public performances, worships, sacred/theatrical representations, musicological conferences. Born on Lake Como’s eastern shore and grown up in Sicily, he studied Historical … Continua a leggere Biography


S. Cecilia Diocese Foundation, Brescia, Italy Professor of Renaissance Music: Singing Ensemble Basso continuo Ornamentation and Improvisation University of Bologna, Italy Adjunct Professor of Early Music Pedagogy: Ornamentation and Improvisation Italian Performance practice treatises (16-17th cent.) Historical Counterpoint Scoring and Arranging Palma Choralis® Atelier delle Arti, Brescia, Italy Vocal coach Singing teacher (Early Music) Historical Keyboards teacher Arpa doppia teacher … Continua a leggere Teaching